Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Slice Of lIfe- Soccer in the rain

On Saturday I had a soccer game in Reston. It was SOPPOSE to be really sunny but instead we got the pouring rain.......and the game was still on. So anyway we won 2-1 to a team that USE to be UNDEAFETED until we came along :-) the rain started out as a light drizzle but it seemed like every time we passed the rain just got harder. So by the end of the game, I was soaked, STARVING, tired, and REALLY REALLY COLD!!!!!! :-( So when I got home I took a shower, got into my PJ's and ate cheese dip and had a cup of hot coca. YUMMY:-). That was the BEST soccer game EVERY!!!!!!!!!


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  2. Great blog entry! There were a lot of details and you can sense emotions because you put smily faces:) OHH and there is a spelling error in the last line; you wrote every instead of ever. (just trying to help)