Sunday, April 27, 2014

Butterfly Circus

The Butterfly Circus, a short film, takes place during the Great Depression. Families that are facing much adversity and have no hope learn that the Butterfly Circus brings hope when none is left. Will, a limb less man, feels like he is worthless because he has no arms or legs. he was made fun of when he was in the Carnival Sideshow. Many people cam just to see "a man, if you can even call he that,that GOD himself turned his back upon" and laugh. Despair hung the air like meat on a chain in that show. Will finally meets the showman of the Butterfly Circus and finds out that they treat everyone the same.he is filled with perseverance and finally realizes that he is a man that can do anything someone else can do, even swimming.

Will's definition of himself changes the way he acts around others and the way he acts to himself. He thinks he is a man that none cares about and cant even do anything. A showman meets Will and teaches him that just because he looks different on the outside, doesn't make him much different than anyone else. Will even finds out that he can swim. He swims to the top of pond when he fell in. He then becomes part of the Butterfly Circus and jumps off a platform that was 50 feet in the air into a pool of water.

We can all change the definition of ourselves. I can change by believing anything is possible. I believe that just because i get a B or another lower grade i'm already a failure. i can change that by believing that anything is possible and just because its not the best i can do better next time.

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